Love was given to us, and we created Hate.

Love is not aware of different Religions, Caste systems and Countries…
When we apply boundaries and barriers on love (on the base of religion, caste or country), the love disappear…

Did our religions ever teach us that we shouldn’t be kind to the ones who are from any other country or religion…?? Were we taught to be cruel and hate the one who is not the follower of religion same like us?? Were we taught to be the enemy of the one who belong to another country??

And answer is “NO”. Our religions never taught us to be a person like that…

Then from where this hate between us (people of different religions and countries) come from?? Is hate, war and anger is the only way to protect and bring peace?
It is kind of mystery because the answer to this question is much complicated and it remains unanswered…

According to me these boundaries, hate and differences are created by us…
(Doesn’t matter which religion we’re follower of) we are always taught to love and to be kind with others.
I’m a Muslim, and Islam taught me to love and be kind with others and respect them no matter which religion or the country they belong to… Islam is a religion of love, peace, kindness, humanity and respect… it has never taught his followers to be cruel and selfish…

I think in all religions (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity etc.) a common thing taught to their followers is “Love”… To be kind with each other… To spread happiness and never be a cause of pain and hurt for others…

Then why day by day we people are going far away from each other? Why this anger and hate between us is increasing? If there is no religion in this world who teach his followers to hate others… then why? From where this hate among us came? Why we hate each other at such an extreme level??

And the reason behind this hate is “We”…
We are the ones who create differences, boundaries and distance ourselves from each other on the base of religions, cultures, countries and start to hate each other…

For me it’s very painful thing that to be a follower of other religion or being a part of another nation don’t teach us to hate each other, the reason behind all this hate is “WE”….

We are the reason behind that… but why??
And this “why” remain unanswered…!


20 thoughts on “Love was given to us, and we created Hate.

  1. Yes… This Why remains unanswered… One should Respect, Love, Care even Hate someone based on what kind of human he/she is, and not on the Religion… I respect you for what you are.. Without knowing you personally, I can surely say that you’re a very sweet hearted and kind person.. I’m glad to have you here..❀️..

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